At White Night Photography, we focus on providing clients with an enjoyable experience, an affordable price, and stunning images that capture their vision and natural beauty.  Our photographer has over eight years of professional photography experience.  He is skilled at collaborating with people and adapting his personal style to create unique images inline with the vision of the client.  Pictures can be taken in both formal and/or photojournalistic styles.  Typical events include engagements, weddings, formal portraits, seniors, maternity, glamour, and families.

The name White Night Photography originated from the phenomenon of the "midnight sun," a night on which it never gets completely dark.  As photography represents an artists ability to "paint" with light, the name came naturally.

It is our philosophy that the precious moments in life are too few and fleeting to not be captured and enjoyed for years and generations to come.  Moreover, this opportunity should be available to all!

Meet The Photographer


Hello I'm James!


For as long as I can remember, I have loved art and the creative process. I have always had an active imagination and a keen eye for detail. Through the years, I have dappled in numerous art styles ranging from oil painting to ballroom dancing. Approximately ten years ago, I bought my first digital camera and have been hooked ever since. The idea of creating art a fraction of a second at a time is awe-inspiring.

In addition to creating beautiful pictures, photography has allowed me to meet any wonderful people, and to document, as well as be a part of, their most intimate life moments. Whether it's a smile on a newborn baby's face, the look of a groom seeing his bride for the first time, or the surprise a model has upon seeing a final product, photography in an enthralling art form. Much of my appreciation for these moments I owe to my beautiful, compassionate, and artistic wife Laura. Laura, you inspire me in so many ways and your impact on my photography has been profound.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about my life and my passion for photography. Please send us a message with any questions or inquiries. I am looking forward to working with you to create art and document the special moments in your life.

Thank You,

James Holveck

Phone Number: 262-349-7775

Email: whitenightphotography@gmail.com

Questions & Answers

How soon before the wedding do I need to book a photographer?

While the easy answer to this question is, the sooner the better, we recommend having a photographer selected a minimum of six (6) months prior to the wedding. Like many people, photographers do their best when they have had a little time to prepare. Also, we typically book up our schedules 6 months to a year (and sometimes 2 years) in the future. This of course doesn’t mean that if your wedding is tomorrow, you shouldn’t contact us. For even if we are not available, we can definitely help find you a photographer who is qualified and perfect for your wedding day.

How many weddings do you book in a weekend?

At White Night we have a strict one wedding per weekend policy. We fully understand that plans change, and what made sense six months ago may not make sense now. So, feel free to modify your package as much as you want, even up until the day of the event. It is important to us that we are always there for our clients, so we strive to provide the utmost in flexibility

Is it possible to have a second shooter available for my wedding?

Absolutely! While our packages only cover one photographer, we have a well established group of photographers that we can propose as an addition to our photography team. All second photographers will be mutually agreed to with the couple and White Night.

Why Should i pay to hire a professional photographer when cell phone cameras are so great?

I’ll be the first to admit that the cameras available on most cell phones are very impressive! And the new “portrait” function…Wow! Stunning! It looks professional on your phone and social media posts. And, in today’s fast paced technically advanced world isn’t that what’s important? As a young photographer, I probably would have said “yes” to this question. If not, then at least my packages were (and to some extent still are) geared toward supporting this perception. By offering packages that provided only digital files, I was reinforcing that digital files are the medium by which the images are best viewed. A reality that I have recently observed when reaching out to my past couples and discovering that the vast majority never had any of their images printed. So, what’s wrong with that? Digital is by far the most widely viewed medium for art today. The problem lies in that professional photography is akin with painting. Would the same sense of awe be experienced looking at The Monet on your phone as compared to seeing it in person? Of course not! That’s because art is tangible, emotional, and powerful. It’s what makes photographers artists!