Hourly Rate = $200.00

  • One (1) Hour Continuous Coverage

  • On-Line Viewing Gallery

At White Night Photography we pride ourselves on working with clients to develop images which not only capture them, but also tell a story.  Our photographer will work with you to pick the perfect location, outfits, and props to assist in telling your story.  Families are beautiful and ever changing; capturing this is at the heart of what makes life such an amazing adventure!


Package Rate = $300.00

  • Two (2) Hour Continuous Coverage

  • On-Line Viewing Gallery

As proud parents of two wonderful little boys, we know how precious those first few months are when welcoming a newborn into the family. We also know that getting quality pictures of your newborn requires experience and patience. At our small home studio we offer a variety of props that you can choose from for your babies session including:

  • Posing Bag

  • Blankets

  • Wraps

  • Hats

While our inventory is growing with each year, we do always encourage parents bring something personal (favorite toy, comfort blanket, etc.) to help set your little one at ease.

If you prefer something in the comfort of your own home, we do offer a mobile set-up! However, please note that approximately 20 minutes of set-up is required.

As newborns are still taking in the world around them, we know that posing for a photo shoot is not high on their list of priorities. Which is why we developed a custom 2 hour package. After years of experience, we have learned that babies need time. Time for feeding. Time for diaper changes. Time for moving and wiggling. Time for crying. And, with a little luck maybe a little time for sleeping. While we wait, parents will be able to sit back, relax, enjoy a cold beverage, and watch!